Brenda, 29


It was my first time to watch a theatre performance back in July. I was dragged here by my sister who is following this performance-series that I already forgot the title. At first, I was really hesitant because this is not usually my scene. But when I get to try it, I instantly fell in love with it. It was too bad that I already missed one show before that, but I see to it that I watched all the succeeding shows. I was in love with the lighting and how we are so near to the live performances. It made me feel that we are a part of every scene. It was amazing, really. I encourage everyone to check out what Theatre in the Square can offer you.


Mike, 27


As a surprise to my wife, we watched a Christmas show here last year. I really wanted us to share something different and when I saw in the online bulletin what show was available that time, I immediately grab the opportunity. You have to know that we do not any more frequently go out. Having 2 kids who are 3 and 1, respectively can change your priorities. But I refused to veer away from this show. Good thing that her sister volunteered to babysit. To tell you, that night was one of the most memorable for us. We really enjoyed the show and we even had the chance to eat at this French restaurant in the theatre itself. The food was so delicious that we promised ourselves to go back there again soon. Since our first night in the Theatre in the Square, we are already on the lookout for what is showing next. This already became our favorite place for date nights. When our kids get a bit older, we’d also like to bring them here so that they can witness great talents live.