We know that our theatre has caused questions to pop in your mind. You are not the first. We frequently get inquiries here from guests who come to this website often especially those who have not experienced our theatre firsthand. Because of this, we have collected here the most common questions being asked to us on a regular basis so that you can know more about what we offer here and so that you’d be guided in navigating through our site. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to send us an email.



Where can we see the scheduled performances at the Theatre in the Square?


You can check out the line up for the year by visiting the theatre itself. There in the lobby, you can easily find the listings posted on the bulletin board. You can also find the same thing here on our website. We have an online bulletin here where we post all possible information about the shows that are going to be performed in our venue. You can find here a little overview and the cast who’d perform on-stage.


Where can we buy tickets for the show?


We have affiliated stores both online and around the theatre itself. Check out the complete listing posted in our homepage.


What if I lost the ticket I bought?


For lost ticket, you need to coordinate immediately with one of our representatives. Be sure to have the needed proofs such as valid IDs and the proof of receipt upon purchase. Failure to present these would not allow you to find a way to regain access to your lost ticket.


Is there an age limit on who can attend a show?


That depends on how the show is rated. There are shows for the general audiences, but there are also those that are not allowed for children below 16. Make sure to check this detail before purchasing tickets for your kids.