Simple Maintenance Routines to Avoid Costly Works

If you have a well-maintained garage door, it will never need frequent garage door repair work. If the garage door is more than 15 years old, then you should replace it immediately. The latest models of automatic garage doors are advanced in technology and safer to use due to their counterbalance mechanism. Don’t forget that garage is one of the convenient and easiest points of entry for anyone who wants unauthorized access to your house, therefore it is good to take some necessary steps you keep your house safe.

The good is that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on garage door repair projects. You should perform some maintenance checkups to avoid potential hassles in the future. As you know prevention is always better than treatment. There are some techniques that you should follow when it comes to making sure that your garage door will be functioning properly in the future. If you are sure about your abilities, call a professional garage door repair company such as, Ace Garage Door Repair to handle your malfunctioning garage door.

Perform visual inspection to avoid potential damages:

You may use this practice to check the working condition of garage door hardware, tracks, and other components.  Close your garage door completely and inspect it thoroughly. There are a few parts involved in the mechanism of the garage door so you need enough time to inspect the garage door.  Check the hinges, springs, tracks, and mounting brackets. Try to find out the loose hardware such as, screws, nuts, bolts, and rusting tracks. If you find any problem, fix it right away.

Balance of garage door:

If you have an automatic garage door, disconnect the garage door opener and try to open and close the garage door manually. Your garage door should open and close properly without needing much effort. If you experience any resistance, you can perform a detailed inspection and fix the problems before they worsen. Loose the screws of garage door tracks and just tap the track to its original position to balance the garage door. 

Garage door sensors:

Check the garage door sensors to make sure they are in a good working position. It is an extremely simple and easy test that you can perform on your own. Open and close the garage door multiple times and observe the movements of the garage door. Try to wave your hand in front of garage door sensors to make sure nothing is malfunctioning. As a part of routine maintenance, clean the lenses of the sensors using a cotton cloth.

Routine garage door maintenance activities play an important role in the functionality and longevity of garage doors. Cleaning, oiling, dusting the garage door parts, and tightening the loose moving parts are simple tasks that can be done easily in no time. A little bit of attention and care can make the garage door functional in long run. 

Theatre in the Square showcases different kinds of talents all year long

Theatre in the Square – Giving You Amazing Shows Then and Now


Are you fond of watching live, Broadway-worthy performances? Do you enjoy looking up artists as they showcase their talents live on-stage? Then Theatre in the Square should be your next hang out place. This is a professional theatre that plays live acts all year round. Sometimes, this acts even come in series which is something you should look forward to. But what is more amazing is that here play different types of shows appropriate for different occasions. So, if you are among those people who prefer live act rather than a recorded one, then the schedule of performances in this theatre is something that you should follow.


There is a big difference between a theatre performance and a cinema. Although one is often being confused with the other most of the time, there are times when people cannot recognize the difference. It is correct that both features fun entertainment that also showcases the talents of the artists who perform a role. However, the major similarity stops there. While a theatre performance is something that could be witnessed live, what a movie or film gives you is the recorded version. A film is simply a moving picture. Granted that many theatre shows made it in cinemas as films, they do not have the same appeal.  Theatre shows are made more creative with beautiful live music and lighting. Most of the time, they are also of the musical genre with lots of dancing combined with the acting. But what you should watch out for is how they change the background all throughout the film. They manage to create one set after another with just a blink of the eye that you’d never know what really happened if you are not paying attention. Theatre performances also do not have cuts. So, it’s a do or die situation for the artists who play a part in the whole act.


Theatre in the Square showcases different kinds of talents all year long. They already have a line up during the start of the year so you won’t anymore have a hard time following what’s in for a specific month. They already have it all available for you so you could already mark it down in your own calendars. The only thing you should watch out for is the ticket availability for each. This would be announced at least a month prior to give a fair chance for everyone to acquire their own tickets. What more is that buying tickets is made easier with its availability online through this website or through the website of our partners.


Theatre in the Square is not only your typical theatre where you can watch your favorite live performances. It is also a place where you could dine and shop before and after the shows. We have it here all sorts of dining that range from casual to several courses. It comes in a variety of cuisine as well. We guarantee you that it is worth a drive out of your custom garage doors Tempe.