About Us

Theatre in the Square is a professional theatre that showcases beautiful live performances all year round. It is one of the most well-known theatres inside and outside of America and has been serving its people since the early 80’s. This is one of the most respected institutions due to the high-quality of shows it produces all year long which also establish the rich culture and heritage of the whole State. Many popular artists and personalities have already been spotted attending a variety of shows here. It was said that once upon a time, even princes from some Asian countries were spotted here.


This theatre is not called the best in the state for nothing. It has facilities that would be an envy of many other theatres around the world. It has top-of-the-line lighting and sound system and features different types of stages that differ in size and the number of seating it can accommodate. The seats per stage are installed with the comfort of the guests in mind. It has a cushion that is velvety and its softness and would guarantee that you’d have a good experience while watching the shows. The size of the place is made bigger so that you won’t feel claustrophobic while you are at it.


The inside of the theatre is not the only thing that never fails to render our guests speechless for its beauty. The outside is deliberately made amazing too. There is always a soft music playing and the whole place was decorated in a luxurious manner that is not too much to the eyes. Plus, it even has a number of coffee shops and even restaurants dotting the place. You can rest here before and after each show. You won’t regret it because the taste of everything they offer here is delicious.


Come to Theatre in the Square today witness first hand what we are talking about. We guarantee you good experience when you come here.