Extension Springs Vs Torsion Springs – Choosing the Right One

Choosing the correct garage door spring for your garage door is important so that you will operate it flawlessly and effortlessly. It might be an important deal than you realized. People attempting this job on their own can cause harm to themselves, and loved ones, and even damaged their car and other belongings.

It can be no exaggeration. The fact is that deaths have been reported due to the improperly installed garage door springs. This is why professional garage door services will help you to replace the broken garage door springs. This article is designed to describe the major difference between the two types of springs.

In reality, there is a wide variety of garage door springs that are distinct and fall under many sub-categories. There are two basic types of springs, extension springs, and torsion springs. Extension springs are the most frequently used models on residential buildings. You will find them at the top portion of the garage door on either side of the garage door. These springs are used whenever you operate the garage door. With the passage of time and continuous usage, garage door springs tend to wear and tear. They break down eventually as hold a great amount of pressure. When your garage door spring breaks, you should evaluate the cost of a garage door spring replacement project. It is wise to consult professional garage door specialists to inspect the springs and advise you on how much should a garage door spring repair cost?

The cables are installed to prevent the springs from turning into a dangerous projectile in case the bottom bracket or spring breaks. It can happen at any time when the garage door is opened or closed. It is significantly important that security cables are installed with the extension garage door springs. The garage door extension springs stretch and enlarge, whereas torsion springs generate and release the tension to be able to lift and lower the garage door safely. There are more points to consider such as the number of spans, size of the garage door, and the number of operations performed by the garage door. These factors will help you to determine the life and lifting capacity of garage door springs.  These points and variations are carefully evaluated along with the type, height, and width, and size of the garage door. 

Are you still stuck in differentiating between torsion and extension garage door springs? Extension springs are often low priced than torsion springs; this is why most houses these types of springs. It is important to understand when garage door springs break, they do present higher safety risks.

On the other hand, torsion springs are long and strong spring that is used to support the heavier garage door. Garage door torsion springs provide great balancing features, making the opening and closing process easier for you. Having the core rod running inside the springs, they are undoubtedly safer ones. Garage door torsion springs are safer but costly ones.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the added benefits that come with a torsion spring system, especially regarding the security and safety of the garage doors. To restrict the risks of harm and property damages, I suggested you consult professional garage door companies that are reputed and certified before attempting to install or replace them on your own.

Safety for Repairing or Replacing Garage Door Springs

There is one garage door repair task that you should not attempt on your own. That is a broken garage door spring repair or replacement. Since garage door springs are used to support the weight of the garage door while opening and closing. These springs are loaded with a high amount of pressure which can be dangerous if you do not handle them carefully. These springs tend to general wear and tear over time due to the high amount of pressure on them. Garage door spring lifespan is approximately 5 to 7 years which means an average spring will be useable for 10,000 operating cycles. These springs can be dangerous to handle without professional help. People have been seriously injured by springs, so they are considered extremely dangerous and should be handled with care. Don’t try to handle it if you do not have the right skills, tools, and expertise.

There are two types of springs that are used on garage doors. These are torsion and extension springs. The torsion springs are the recent and safest models of the springs. There will be two of them; you will find them on a metal shaft over the opening of the garage door. Remember that if one of the springs is exploded, you will need to replace both of them. It is a common practice because the other one will follow it shortly. It will save you both the money and time to change at the same time. If you have extension springs on your garage door, there will also be two of them but you will find them on each side of the garage door.

The appropriate tools that you will need for the project include a vise grip pliers, winding bar, socket wrench, adjustable wrench, rags, ruler, and steady ladder. You will be able to perform the safest and most secure job as long as you have the right tools and expertise.

Don’t try to use the wrong size of the winding bar because you will invite trouble. Another safety rule for working on a garage door is to remember that your garage door is a bulky and heavy object. A standard model of a garage door can weigh up to hundred pounds. Furthermore, the springs that are used on the garage doors are under an extreme amount of pressure that can hurt you.

Garage door torsion springs are a common and safer model than extension springs. They do not expand or contract to move the garage door. The use of torsion springs is recommended by professional garage door experts because they operate the garage door smoothly and efficiently. These springs are safer to have on your garage door. It is never worth handling a dangerous task without the proper expertise. If you have any doubt about your skills, call a professional garage door technician who has been trained and qualified to handle the project safely.

Tips and Tricks to Help with Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repair tasks can sometimes be prevented with the help of professional garage door maintenance services. If not avoided completely, then at least somewhat to the point where less money is required to restore the functionality of the garage door to its normal functioning level. Click here https://www.progaragedooratlantaga.com/south-fulton-garage-door-repair/ to find information about the garage door you are looking for.

If you clean and maintain the garage door regularly then it will reward you with a good working and longer life. To make the garage door work efficiently and not need garage door repair work on a regular basis, you need to make sure that you so not lazy with garage door maintenance projects. When a problem does happen then you need to do something about it quickly in order to avoid further problems from taking place.

What should you do to keep your garage door functional? Clean the garage door approximately 4 to 5 times a year using a mild liquid.  By washing the garage door periodically, the dirt agents will be removed. Avoid using harsh chemicals on the garage door. If you have wooden garage doors their cleaning and maintenance should be done according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

Take a close look at the bottom of a garage door. The floor of the garage door needs to be as free of obstructions as possible. It is the area where the garage door meets the ground that can easily accumulate dirt, leaves, debris, and cobwebs. When anything blocks the bottom part of the garage door, it will stop the garage door to close. These problems can be avoided with a solid seal on the floor. To adjust the alignment and weight distribution of the garage door, a professional garage door service is required.

You need to keep the garage door functional properly by applying lubricant. It is a preventative maintenance measurement that will need little time, money, and effort.  Apply a lightweight lubricant such as WD-40 or any other silicone spray on the rollers, hinges, and springs periodically. The hinges also need to be oiled. Proper lubrication will help you to keep the garage door functioning properly and it means that garage door repair is less required.

Simple Maintenance Routines to Avoid Costly Works

If you have a well-maintained garage door, it will never need frequent garage door repair work. If the garage door is more than 15 years old, then you should replace it immediately. The latest models of automatic garage doors are advanced in technology and safer to use due to their counterbalance mechanism. Don’t forget that garage is one of the convenient and easiest points of entry for anyone who wants unauthorized access to your house, therefore it is good to take some necessary steps you keep your house safe.

The good is that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on garage door repair projects. You should perform some maintenance checkups to avoid potential hassles in the future. As you know prevention is always better than treatment. There are some techniques that you should follow when it comes to making sure that your garage door will be functioning properly in the future. If you are sure about your abilities, call a professional garage door repair company such as, Ace Garage Door Repair to handle your malfunctioning garage door.

Perform visual inspection to avoid potential damages:

You may use this practice to check the working condition of garage door hardware, tracks, and other components.  Close your garage door completely and inspect it thoroughly. There are a few parts involved in the mechanism of the garage door so you need enough time to inspect the garage door.  Check the hinges, springs, tracks, and mounting brackets. Try to find out the loose hardware such as, screws, nuts, bolts, and rusting tracks. If you find any problem, fix it right away.

Balance of garage door:

If you have an automatic garage door, disconnect the garage door opener and try to open and close the garage door manually. Your garage door should open and close properly without needing much effort. If you experience any resistance, you can perform a detailed inspection and fix the problems before they worsen. Loose the screws of garage door tracks and just tap the track to its original position to balance the garage door. 

Garage door sensors:

Check the garage door sensors to make sure they are in a good working position. It is an extremely simple and easy test that you can perform on your own. Open and close the garage door multiple times and observe the movements of the garage door. Try to wave your hand in front of garage door sensors to make sure nothing is malfunctioning. As a part of routine maintenance, clean the lenses of the sensors using a cotton cloth.

Routine garage door maintenance activities play an important role in the functionality and longevity of garage doors. Cleaning, oiling, dusting the garage door parts, and tightening the loose moving parts are simple tasks that can be done easily in no time. A little bit of attention and care can make the garage door functional in long run. 

Importance of Efficient Garage Door Maintenance

The garage door is important and functional equipment for any house. The type of garage door installed affects the curb appeal, exterior quality, and the security of the house. It is a great tool to enhance the security and value of the house. These garage doors have a remarkable and great impact on the building in which they are installed. It is important for you to ensure that the garage door should be maintained to keep it working properly. Nando’s Garage Door Repair specialists can help you ensure that your garage door is maintained properly so that it will function longer.

You may experience problems with one or two parts of the system either the garage door opener or the garage door itself. After conducting a detailed investigation, a trained garage door expert can identify the faulty area and start to diagnose the solutions. Sometimes garage door repair solutions will need nothing more than replacing the dead batteries of the remote, replacing the squeaking part, aligning the tracks, and oiling the dry running components. In the major cases, the repair could mean replacing the entire garage door system.

Professional garage door technicians suggested that garage door maintenance and repair activities are something that should not be taken for granted. In fact, poorly maintained garage doors and unattended faults can cause many harmful problems.

It will expand to several health issues from the potential collapse of the broken garage door. Professional garage door companies have been established to help you with your garage door needs. Some companies offer 24-hour emergency services for garage door maintenance and repair needs. While others limit their services to the official working hours.

The professional garage door companies offer variety of services to keep your garage door in a good working position. The garage door maintenance service is suggested every once a year to fix the faulty areas and oil the hardware of the garage door.  The inspection and lubrication of garage door components and garage door balance adjustment are the major tasks of garage door maintenance. Other common garage door project tasks are:

  • Replacing the broken springs or cables
  • Installing safety cables throughout the extension springs
  • Replacing the damaged weather seals to stop water seepage
  • Installing garage door windows
  • Maintaining and fixing the garage door opener
  • Replacing the damaged panel

Hiring a professional garage door expert is highly recommended to ensure that the specialists can complete the garage door work in a timely manner at an affordable and agreeable price. The garage door should be kept fixed and maintained to enjoy its functionality in a long term.

Traits of a Professional Garage Door Repair Technician

You might say an accountant counted chocolates at the candy store and the football player enjoyed jumping. But what contributed to determining the current success and professional ethic of the garage door technician. I will share a few important traits which I believe professional garage door technicians from reputed garage door companies such as, Carmel, IN garage door repair may have in sharp focus:

  • Professional garage door technicians think mathematically:

With all counting, measuring, and physical capabilities that the technicians have to work with the garage door, it is determined as no surprise that they have mathematical thinking patterns. If you look at the garage door, what do you notice? You can see four major sections; multiple them by the numbers of hinges used per section and then add the top and bottom fixtures with the garage door cost. Yes, you might calculate the cost of the garage door as a mathematical thinker. Do you know how many turns you should take on the screws because over-tightened or under-tightened can cause damage? The professional garage door experts can calculate how much lift your garage door needs and determine the appropriate size of spring and wire according to its inside diameter. Whether they got this information from practice or get up from training, they know how to deal with the complex tasks of garage door repair.

  • Professional garage door technicians appreciate your orders:

Keeping everything perfectly serves these technicians, especially with the smaller and stressed parts. And the “safety first” consideration is the key point for obvious reasons. For example, you should tighten the screws and nuts in the assembly of the garage door, wear protective goggles, lock up the tools at night, and even follow all the security standards. The professional garage door technician respects your privacy and does everything in proven order to make your garage door secure and functional.

  • Professional garage door technicians have experience:

When one garage door project is completed, there will be another waiting for them, especially during the spring and summer when garage door parts get damaged more often. Professional garage door contractors do not mind persevering with multiple projects and even in turn achieve more experience.

The increasing performance and multiple projects contribute to the success of the professional garage door technicians. At the bottom, professional garage door experts are the right persons that can help you to restore the performance of your malfunctioning garage door and increase its overall life span.

Important Things to Remember For Garage Door Installation

Nowadays, whenever we discuss residential garage doors we learn that automatic garage doors are the famous and widely used option. These garage doors are operated with electricity and controlled by remote. They are easy to maintain and highly convenient to use and offer a great amount of security. In the fast-developing world, where “time is precious”, people love to have these types of garage doors. The garage door is a common feature of the house. Visit here to get more information https://www.acegaragedoorrepairhouston.com/garage-door-installation/ on garage doors.

Detailed planning is needed to ensure great garage door installation work. In the USA, where almost every house is constructed with a carport, a proper and secure entry to the garage can actually increase the beauty and security of your house. However, there are some essential points to keep in mind before you hire someone to install a garage door for you.

  • Reputation of garage door company:

Well-known, reputable, and experienced garage door companies are always preferred when it comes to installing these huge and mechanical structures. The garage door company should be mechanically competent equipped with advanced tools and have enough experience under his belt for installing an automatic garage door.

  • Garage door repair services:

The garage door company that installs the garage door for you should be competent enough to offer repair services. It is always better to have the same garage door contractor handle both installation and repair works since they can understand the specifications of your garage door. They are familiar with the structure of your garage.

  • Types of garage door:

There is a wide variety of garage doors available to choose from according to the structure and specification of your garage. People normally evaluate two basic factors before choosing a garage door- attractiveness and functionality. You can consult the latest architectural fashion magazine, design website, and professional designers to have a better idea about the garage doors.

  • Insulation features of garage door:

If you live in an area with extreme climate conditions, it would be wise to install a garage door that is well insulated. Extreme moisture and severe atmospheric conditions can hamper the texture of your expensive car other costly stuff. It is always important to hire someone who is experienced in installing an insulated garage door.

Garage Doors
  • Warranty:

While buying a garage door, you always check the warranty and guarantee offered by the manufacturer against their products and services. You should read all the fine lines and other terms and conditions of the warranty. Ask relevant questions about their products and if possible get the answers in written form.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to hire a professional garage door installation company. You will have a sigh of relief since professional garage door installers are here to help you. You can make an appointment according to your priorities.

Tips To Hire a Right Garage Door Repair Repairman

If you have a garage door that becomes malfunctioning then this article will help you to find out a trustworthy and reliable garage door contractor like, Dayton Garage Door Pros to fix the garage door. Make sure that the garage door repair company you choose is properly insured, experienced, and has the right tools to work on your garage door. You will also get valuable information to make a decision on who fixes your garage door.

  • Before garage door experts start work on your malfunctioned garage door, you should make sure that they are properly certified and experienced. The proper insurance for the construction work will protect you against any type of injury or damage that may happen during the garage door repair project.
  • Can you get free estimation and quotation from different garage door companies? Along with offering free quotation, the handyman give you some type of estimation on how long they think it will need to complete the project if you hire them. Free quotation and first inspection pays courtesy to you for even choosing a right garage door company for your work. So, don’t pay for any bid.
  • One way to consider if the garage door repair company is right and suitable choice that will provide you good services is to ask to see the portfolio to see before and after images that have of past projects. Ask them how long they have been in the industry and then take a look at the company’s truck to ensure that it seems in organized order with the right type of tools and equipments. These tips and tricks will help you if your chosen garage door company is organized and experienced enough.
Garage Door

By following above mentioned tips and tricks, you can be sure that your garage door handyman will be ready to give you some good suggestions on how long the project will take, you will get a free bid and you will be able to evaluate how much experience the technician has. Now, you are in a better position to hire a reliable garage door company for the needs of your garage door in your area.

Starting Your Garage Door Repair Project

Even the premium quality and durable garage doors have an expiration date. For your own safety and convenience, it is always good to recognize the signs of wear and tear when the date is nearby. First of all, small inconveniences and problems will crop up your garage door.

Stuck garage door operations and loud sounds while opening and closing are the common signs of malfunctioning. Sometimes they may open and close roughly and too slowly. At the earlier stage, these inconveniences can be fixed through simple garage door maintenance services but later you need to do more. So you need to call a professional garage door repair company such as, Up & Over Garage Door Repair to handle the malfunctioning garage door. 

At first, garage door part replacement might be done but if your garage door is damaged badly then your garage door technician might suggest you replace the entire garage door. It is a big decision and you need a lot of preparation and research work before taking any decision. If you fail to prepare yourselves properly, you might see yourself in the situation to spend a night with an opened garage door. The option to garage door replacement might overwhelm you, so it is a simple guide or instructions to help you clear your mind.

First of all, you will have to determine whether it is the right time for you to replace the garage door. Unfortunately, there are plenty of garage door companies that are enthusiastic about offering valuable services because they are beneficial for you. You should carefully calculate how old your garage door is. How they are working, and count how many days your garage door pose an inconvenience for you. In case, your garage door is always in need of temporary fixes and some sort of patchwork, then it is a clear sign that you need to get a new garage door.

Get free estimation from different garage door companies. If you already have discussed it with one that gives suggestions about the garage door replacement, it does not mean you should go for it. But you can get a deal if you ask around and get free quotations from different garage door companies near you.

Once you get an estimation of how much you will need to spend on the project, you should evaluate whether it is within your budget or not. Get a garage door service provider that gives you the option of buying material of your choice so you can save a lot of money. However, if your limited budget, allow your technician to choose the highest quality material.

 Garage Doors

Make sure to get a free estimation from different garage door companies and don’t hesitate to find out the answers to your concerns. After all, your garage is an important part of your house so you need a durable and fully operational garage door to keep your house protected.

Expert Tips You Must Know Before Starting a Garage Door Repair Project

All home improvement projects are important because they are essential for the protection and functional integrity of your house. The garage door is also an important part of your house. But these garage doors tend to wear and tear due to frequent use. Taking all the points in mind, it is expected to do frequent garage door maintenance to keep a garage door in its good working position. You can handle garage door projects on your own but if you are not sure about your capabilities, hire professional garage door repair services like, Belmont, NC garage door repair services to work on it.

Tips to inspect the physical condition of garage door:

The extent of garage door repair work that needs to be done on the garage door and the final cost of the project depends on the nature of damages and physical conditions of your garage door. The following tips will help you in this project.

  • Extent of garage door damages: The type of garage door and nature of damages that it has sustained should be the starting point of your garage door inspection. Sometimes, damages can be minor like small blemishes and chipping. Other times, there are major problems with the technical parts or operating system of garage door.
  • Design of garage door: The style or design of garage door mainly affect on the final work done on your garage door. Every style of garage door comes with different operating mechanism and structure to handle it.
  • Material of garage door: There is a wide variety of garage door material available in the market to choose from. Subsequently, the type of garage door material and its components used to construct the garage door are extremely important to perform the repair.  
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Tips to reduce the garage door repair expenses:

There are some tips and techniques that you can follow to reduce the overall cost of the garage door repair project. These guidelines can also help you to increase the functionality and longevity of the garage door and eliminate the cost of repairs. 

  • Keep the garage door tracks clean and lubricated: The tracks of garage door often collect dirt and debris that might stop the rollers to run. Keeping the tracks clean will reduce the pressure on garage door and allow it to run smoothly.
  • Adjustment of garage door sensors: Safety sensors of garage door often get out of alignment due to continuous operations. There should be a warning blinking red light to warn you about the misplacement. These sensors can be adjusted easily. You clean the lenses to remove the dust, obstructions, or moisture blocking the path of sensors
  • Adjustment and replacement of loose components: All moving components such as, screws, nuts, bolts, and springs might become loose with the passage of time. It cause to instability in the mechanism of garage door. Leaving it unattended may lead to serious problems. Just tightening the loose parts and replacing the damaged components will help you to avoid the huge repairing cost. 

Finally, call a professional garage door technician to handle the malfunctioning garage door. Professional supervision might actually help you to save time and money in the long run.